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  • Antibiotic Nasal Irrigation Solutions
  • Bio-Identical Hormones
  • Dental Compounds
  • Dermatology Compounds
  • General Compounds
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Pediatric Compounds
  • Podiatry Compounds
  • Neurology Compounds
  • Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Compounds
  • Thyroid -T-3, T3-4 Capsules
  • Veterinary Compounds 
Specialty Pediatric Compounds
  • -Oral Suspensions, Flavored
  • -Topical Medications
Pain Management Compounds
  • -Transdermal Anti-Inflammatory Creams
  • -Transdermal Neuropathic Pain and Nerve Creams

We can make ointments, gels, capsules, creams, solutions, "gummy bear" compounds, suppositories, lollipops, troches, flavored medicines for pediatric and adult patients, transdermal gels and creams, and more!               

Customized Medications

Compounding Specialists


Compounding is the science of creating customized medications when traditional medicines cannot meet the unique needs of the patient. Compounds are created using state-of-the-art technology to create a medicine for a specific patient. A compound may be a capsule, troche, gel, cream, "gummy bear," lollipop, oral liquid, powder, suppository as well as other products. A compound, which is the traditional method of preparing customized medications, may be a preferred option for patients for a variety of reasons. A transdermal cream may be locally absorbed with less side effects; a specific allergen in a traditional medicine can be avoided with a compound (i.g. gluten-free capsules); a child may need medication formulated in a flavored suspension to improve dosing compliance. The goal of compounding is to provide the best available medicine for our patients!

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